We specialise in growing local plants for local projects

We’re passionate about seed collection, revegetation, landscaping and conservation for the top of the South Island. 

What we do


We prepare revegetation plans and programs for sites in the Nelson and Tasman regions and eco-source the seed to make them happen. Titioki has helped with revegetation projects across the top of the South Island for over thirty years, supplying native plants for local Council projects, QE II National Trust, Project Crimson, Department of Conservation, Project Janszoon, Coast Care groups, mining companies, land development projects, farms and conservation-minded public.

We grow many of our native trees and rare plants in unique containers called 'rootrainers' designed especially for large-scale production of healthy, hardy plants.

Ideally projects should be planned a year or more before planting begins to ensure the right species composition is grown and available for your specific site. Get in touch with us early on for advice and help with planning how to best stage and approach your project.


If you’re after native plants and trees for a landscaping project, land development or subdivision planting, we have one of the largest ranges of native plants and trees in the country.

We specialise in native plants and grow as many as practical and possible, to offer a range far beyond the reach of any ‘box stores’ and provide greater diversity in the range of native plants that trade and the public can access, learn about and use. Many of these species and cultivars are grown on into potted grades for landscaping purposes.


At Titoki, we grow many New Zealand natives specifically for conservation purposes. We work with local Councils, Coast Care, QE II National Trust, Department of Conservation, and other groups, for native tree planting projects in the Top of the South.

Seed collection

We collect the seed for our revegetation plants from the Tasman, Nelson and Marlborough districts. Care is given to fully record the sources for all the seeds. When projects do come up further afield, special seed collection trips can be made to accommodate.